Day 1 (2016) – What’s up with Leo the Elf?


The Elf on the Shelf – this seems like a rather innocuous and easy to handle deal, yes?

WRONG.  It’s a pain.  A mega pain.  I forgot to move the freakin’ thing again and doesn’t it seem a extremely scary looking to anyone else kinda pain.  So last Christmas season, I needed something to get me motivated and, more importantly, to get my middle kid to stop badgering me about why our elf wasn’t moving (again) or why he was excessively lame whenever he did.  And thus began the adventures of Leo – the Elf Off the Shelf (because seriously – who wants to hang out on a shelf all season long??).

I’m writing this for you my crazy wonderful children.  One day you will be older and have kids of your own who will drive you bananas with some weird new made up suburbia tradition that someone managed to sell to the parental masses.  And at that moment, remember these posts because if I can do it, you can, too.  You remind me that I can do anything because my darlings – it’s for you.  (Please note that the phrase “I can do anything” does not apply to the following:  laundry, mealtimes that normal people recognize, displaying patience before or after caffeine in the morning on school days, and eating salads.  As the great modern philosopher Meatloaf once said, I won’t do that.)


6 thoughts on “Day 1 (2016) – What’s up with Leo the Elf?

  1. I’ve read from the wrong end of this story (it’s currently, as I type, December the 18th 2016)- so have read backwards from whatever date was currently displaying at 18/12/2016 back to the very beginning – and I LOVE the stories and photographs. What rascals your elves are, … but tons of fun!
    Merry Christmas ~ Cobs. ❤

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